Introducing the SST2:

System Service Transition 2™

The industry’s only compact, knock-down, system transition with a true access door, large enough to allow for proper inspections and maintenance.

No More Small "Inspection" Doors!

Extra-large door allows true access for inspections, cleaning, leak detection, heat exchanger inspection, and system checks.

Optimized Seer Performance

Plus Easy Service Solution

The SST2™ System Service Transition solution allows for quick and efficient HVAC system service, while providing optimal SEER performance with 100% airflow.

Easy to Assemble

About the SST2™

The SST2™ is designed to optimize SEER performance providing the system with 100% airflow. The removable, insulated, access door, gives the servicing contractor the space they need to properly inspect, clean, diagnose and maintain the evaporator coil and the furnace heat exchanger. The SST2™ provides true access to the system critical parts without disassembly or cutting into the system.


Optimized SEER performance and air distribution. The SST2™ is designed to provide 100% airflow without block-offs or restrictions. Compatible with 2023 SEER2 standards.

Large, sealed, access door for easy system inspection and maintenance. The SST2™ provides true access to critical system components.

Saves time and labor. No more time spent dismantling or cutting into a system for service. No more time spent re-assembling and resealing the system afterward.

“Knock-down” format makes the SST2™ easy to carry into tight spaces and field assemble in minutes.

Door and panels come lined with foil-backed, UV-safe, R4.3 insulation that meets application standards and code compliance for HVAC accessories.

Available in 9 different sizes for upflow, horizontal, attic, and basement applications.

Pre-fabricated for easy installation of Dust Free® indoor air quality products.

IAQ Friendliness – Knockouts for IAQ Devices

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