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Industry Changing INNOVATIONS

HVA/C Innovations holds true to its name in the products we develop and market that better the HVAC industry. In the following links you will discover innovative products that do not just offer a change from the ordinary in the HVAC industry, they innovate, advance and enhance application and performance. Please visit the links below to learn more about these products and what they mean to you, and how they can improve your business.

Also, if you have an innovation or invention you would like to see realized and further enhance our industry, please contact us here. We’d like to discuss with you. Thank you.

System Service
Transition 2™ (SST2™)

The System Service Transition (SST) is an innovative breakthrough in the maintaining and servicing of the true heart of an HVAC system, the evaporator coil and the furnace heat exchanger.

With the removable insulated access door, the SST gives the servicing contractor the space they need to properly inspect, clean, diagnose and maintain the evaporator coil and the furnace heat exchanger.

Current Research & Development

As our Current Research & Development projects develop, we will share the first glimpses and ongoing previews here.

Legacy Products

System Service
Transition 1™ (SST1™)

The Original SST, where innovation began. Our original design, solid, pre-assembled and equally effective as our current generation SST2. If you loved the SST, its legacy will impress even more excitement for you with SST2.