System Service Transition™

The industry’s first compact, system transition with a true access door, large enough to allow for proper inspections and maintenance. The predecessor of the SST2™.  Ask for SST2™ where you bought the SST™!

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Quick & Easy Installation

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Fits Closet, Upflow and Horizontal Applications

SST™ The Original

About the SST2

SST2™ - New and Advanced

Key Benefits

Room To Work

Room To Work

Additional Clearance of Coil From Furnace

Removable Door

Removable Door

Easy Instant Access to Coil and Heat Exchanger

Test for Coil Leaks

Test for Coil Leaks

Easier and in Minutes

Heavy Gauge Cabinets

Heavy Gauge Cabinet

Insulated Galvanized Steel Walls

Compact Designs

Compact Design

Assembles Quickly in Minutes

An Innovative Breakthrough

The System Service Transition™ (SST™) is an innovative breakthrough in the maintaining and servicing of the true heart of an HVAC system, the evaporator coil and the furnace heat exchanger. The patented design of the SST™ offers a tremendous opportunity to you the contractor and also a tremendous value to your most valuable asset, your customer. Maximize the profit in every installation while maximizing the performance of the system and the confidence of your customer.

With the removable insulated access door, the SST™ gives the servicing contractor the space they need to properly inspect, clean, diagnose and maintain the evaporator coil and the furnace heat exchanger. No more small “inspection” doors, this is true ACCESS to the system critical parts without disassembly or cutting into the system. This saves you the contractor precious time and money on call backs and trouble calls, underperforming equipment and allows your technicians to complete more calls in less time.

For your customers, the SST™ helps protect their investment in a high efficiency system that can be serviced and maintained easily and efficiently. This peace of mind builds the bridges of confidence in you, their installing contractor. The SST™ smoothly transitions same size coil and furnaces as well as oversized applications where a larger coil is needed for efficiency and matchup. No block offs means peak airflow and efficiency each and every time.

With its insulated R6 or R8 interior and its pre-assembled and sturdily constructed 26gauge frame, the SST™ adds additional strength and integrity to your system. This while delivering the greatest ease of access for servicing and maintaining today’s high efficiency systems.

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